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Lunar New Year

4th of February, 2018
The new year is going to be celebrated in China, and all around the world. Clicker bAdventure is translated in traditional chinese, and that's why we wanted to take part to this Steam event.

From 15th to 19th of February, we will offer you a 50% discount for this occasion.

Steam Available

27th of December, 2017
Clicker bAdventure is Finally available on Steam!

If you like clicker games, you should enjoy this 3D one. Don't hesitate to give a feedback if you want to help to improve the quality of this game.


12th of December, 2017
Take a look on Clicker bAdventure Trailer!

It will give you a good preview of this incoming game.
Hero voice, story preview, gameplay, differents swords, axes, enemies. It covers a lot of elements of this game.