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Achievements News EN
We have great news for you!
You will now be able to unlock Steam Achievements.

What kind of Achievements?

They are currently 22 and most of them won't be so hard to unlock.
We think it's the good number for this game to give you more objectives and fun. You will have to cut a certain number of trees or kill enough enemies. Try to collect as lot bonuses as you can and finish the game in high difficulty mode if you want to unlock 100% of achievements.

They are all translated in your language (currently 8), and not only in english. Moreover, you will be able to unlock them when you are offline. Stats and achievements will be synchronized the next time you launch the game in online mode.

Others updates

New path / Slower movement speed:
On the forfth area, you had to walk a lot to collect bonuses and it wasn't funny to back to defend your chest. We know you prefer to cut these trees than just walking around, so we created a new path. To compensate the time saved, we decreased a lot the movement speed. It's not a bad news because you were so fast that it wasn't really easy to move. We solved two problems which will make your games more enjoyables.

Pressing tab button will now give you the progress on the map like in real game. You will increase your progress score when you collect bonuses, and when you kill straw men and towers to get more XP. This score helps you to know if it's possible for you to become stronger.
Minimap indicators have also been updated to show you your objectives.

The camera follow the character and may be blocked by the mountains on the lower floors because we can't easily hide the ground. There's a known problem that happens in a lot of top-down game style. Some improvements have been made and this problem should not ocure when you are playing and should not disturb the gameplay.

All collisions have been controlled and you should not fall in a hole and stay blocked forever. Unfortunately, it may happen that the character try to force the collision to reach a point and fall in a hole. Now, the speed has been decreased and it's a good point for the collision management. If you fall too low, you will be teleported on your treasure chest side. But don't worry, you shouldn't have any problems as we reinforced the collision detection.

14 Février 2018
This tutorial will be directly playable in the main menu without any loading screen. Discover this new island and prepare yourself for the true adventure!

Tutorial Adventure

You probably already know this is an adventure game. This tutorial will respect this concept and will guide you to a new island to explore.

Chose between different paths to only learn what interest you. There's many signs on the map which will display a message if you click on it. Read them, or skip them if you are not interested.


This game is in beta and was released less than a month ago.
Don't hesitate to give a feedback about this tutorial or any problem occured.
It will help to improve this game and providing you a better content.

20th of January, 2018
Tutorial News EN
Hard Core Mode News EN
Before this update, you could choose between three difficulties: Easy - Normal - Hard

You can start from Easy or Normal depending on your experience on this kind of game. But after finishing it, you can start again by selecting the Hard mode. You will have to know all objects location to not loosing your time, and have a good knowledge of the different enemies.

Let's Try Hard!

If you thought you could finish this game without using your shield, you should say that to your enemies. The first of them will simply One Shoot you.
Like most of them.

Let's see if you are a true fan of Clicker Games, and if you will manage to master this game.

31st of December, 2017
Playing this game may be stressfull because you are time limited and if you are not fast enough, you will have to start again from the beginning or load your game from a checkpoint.

No more static 2D Main Menu

Now, you can take a rest when you are on the main menu. You can cut some trees if you want to test your rapidity and know how many Clics Per Seconds (CPS) you can perform to better choose the difficulty. But don't worry, this time you can take your time when you are training.

If you want to wait and not starting the game immediately, this interactive menu will give you a way to not be bored.

28th of December, 2017
Interactive Main Menu News EN